Sunday, August 11, 2013

Family AfFAIR

I had a fabulous day at the State Fair with Joshie and his family!

On the other hand, my eating was just ridiculous. Like, if I listed off everything I ate today you would probably laugh out loud. But I basically skipped breakfast, lunch...and dinner....and just snacked all day long. So honestly it wasn't that many calories. NOT THAT ANYTHING I DID TODAY WAS HEALTHY IN THE LEAST. Except 40 minutes of P90X Plyo. I earned a little tiny bit of the fried goodness I consumed:)

Lizzie seems to be feeling better. She's not totally well, but I'm letting her sleep in bed with me again. She just hopped right in, snuggled up, and fell right asleep. How could I kick her out? She's way too adorable. Please say a prayer that she doesn't wet the bed. In my bed. :/

Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut YAYYYYYY so I'll letcha know how it turns out!

Peace, love, and fried Oreos,

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