Saturday, August 10, 2013

The New Plan

Hey there! :)

So, I'm about back down to my lowest weight (the -10 lb. mark). Phew. That's a good start.

Since my "Lose 5 in 4 weeks" plan just ended, I hand-crafted a new exercise plan for the next 16 days.

"Calis." is my abbreviation for calisthenics (a.k.a. arms, abs, legs.) "BL" is Biggest Loser and "Jillian" is 30 Day Shred. Intervals = treadmill intervals of 1 min. slow, 30 sec. fast.

Note that this isn't the world's toughest exercise plan. I don't have a hard and fast weight loss goal because I'm giving myself a bit of wiggle room in honor of new-school-year-craziness. And I'm unsure about what I'll need to do once I'm in Bloomington and what kind of exercise classes are available.

Updates on Lizzie and camp: Lizzie is okay! She's on antibiotics for some kind of bladder infection. Just so y'all know, squirting an eyedropper full of antibiotics down a cat's throat is disgusting, upsetting, and will result in several scratches. EEEK. Horrible. But hopefully it's making her better.

The last day of camp was pretty fun. Our boss brought in cupcakes (yep, I ate one) and we all said our goodbyes and wished each other good luck with the new school year. I cried a little bit driving home because I'm very sappy and I get emotional thinking about journeys ending. A group of strangers turned into friends, and then, after one whirlwind summer, split up and went off on their own again. It's cool. Bittersweet. I'll always cherish the time I spent at camp this summer.

In other news, I'm going to the state fair tomorrow! I'll write a post about the obese animals and deep fried goodness I'm sure to encounter.

Til tomorrow,

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