Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Yeah that means I'm exhausted.

It was a very successful move in day! My house is adorable, my room is a great size, and I can't wait to move back and live with my roommates next week!

Move-ins are always tiring. Even though it went smoothly, it really zapped my energy! Not to mention I was too anxious to sleep last night so I'm extra wiped.

Since I'm moving in to a house and there's endless decorating possibilities, I recently checked out this Buzzfeed article: 26 Dorm Room Decorating Ideas. And I officially became obsessed with washi tape.

Washi tape is a thin, colorful kind of tape made out of paper. It's kinda like painters tape and is easily removable, making it great for a rented house. In this photo, they used it to frame their posters! I totally plan on doing this. So cuuuuute.

After buying a few rolls today at Michael's and Target, I made this little craft.

My first of many washi tape crafts, I assure you :)

I cannot wait to sleep in, work out, and have a normal day tomorrow. No craziness, just bliss and relaxation.

Nightie night,

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