Monday, August 5, 2013

Kardio Kat

So as not to discriminate and assume that all of my readers have the same exercise needs, I thought I'd diversify and show you examples of modified moves. Fitness is usually for humans, but if you're a kitty, you can get active, too.

My cat, Lizzie, who is a true Kardio Kat:

Oblique twists, kitty-style:

The secretary stretch. Great for humans and felines alike:

The classic lunge. This cat is on her way to some rock hard glutes:

 After an intense jump rope workout:

 Side plank. Modified so she's just laying on her side. Cause cats have little paws and weak arms and can't hold up their own body weight:

After all that exercise, she ruined it with a binge:

 If you're a cat and you're new to exercise, good for you. Hope Lizzie's summer health journey will inspire you to do your best.

-Ellen and Lizzie

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